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Adventures and Volunteering in India – AVI - designs international volunteer programs in India to support different kinds of social development projects for the less privileged population.

Now, it’s your time to help us! Change your life for a while, spend your holiday or your Gap Year in India. At the same time you can make a positive impact on the lives of the less privileged people of India.

Don’t hesitate because of your knowledge in English! An enthusiastic volunteer with manageable English is enough to work on our projects.

You will really be able to contribute in bringing a meaningful change in the lives of your less fortunate Indian fellows by doing volunteer work in India. The maximum benefit goes to the community in need while enriching the volunteers by huge experiences! At the same time, AVI ensures that the volunteers in India, on the other hand, in many ways get more than they give!

The local people together with the volunteers in India discover the similarities and at the same time share the differences! The Indian people are very curious, adapting, friendly and welcoming to the international volunteers. This creates a sense of belonging and attachment towards the community and helps the volunteers in India in immersing deep into the Indian way of life and building a home far away from their own home, with long lasting human relationships.

You can use your holiday or just break up from your ordinary life to enrich yourself with a quite new experience. Give yourself a break from two weeks up to several months or if possible - you can do your whole Gap Year in India.

Why not combine your volunteer work in India with some travel in India? That’ll give you a quite different experience not comparable to a normal tourist, a huge memory for all your life.



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What will you get as an AVI volunteer while making a real difference to other people's lives? 

  • Meet people face to face and make real friends.
  • The work you do will bring you closer to the people of India.
  • Enjoy delicious food while learning cooking, yoga and meditation.
  • Gain an insight into and knowledge of local culture, customs and traditions, history and local language. Learn Hindi through orientation sessions and cultural workshops.
  • Enjoy local adventures — camel safari, tiger safari, visit the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of world and excursions to places of historical and religious importance.
  • Experience incredible India — its smells, colours, endless hospitability, natural beauty and above all, its unique culture.
  • Flexible start and end dates, fun, rewarding, relaxed and informal breaks.
  • Programs available from 2 to 24 weeks — easily extendable.
  • Affordable program fees. No hidden charges! Some organizations appear cheaper but don't include transport and other essentials.

Get involved as an AVI volunteer, and help to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children in India: 

  • Care for and feed children from the slums. 
  • Give them a practical education.
  • Support girls while empowering women with knowledge and skills.
  • Make the community aware of health and hygiene issues.
  • Help orphans, mentally challenged and abandoned children.
  • Help in renovation/construction of schools/day care centers/toilets.
  • Help in community skill development workshops like tailoring, embroidery, toys making etc.
  • Help in organizing sports and recreational activities with the children while also developing their motor skills.

Please Contact Us for special price for student groups and more details. 

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