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Construction - Volunteers renovating the community

Due to poor economic condition, a large number of Indian people are not in a position to construct their own house. They manage to make temporary shelters to safeguard themselves from cold, rain and extreme summer temperature. Most of the times they sleep in open area.

The condition of government buildings like- primary schools, day care centers, primary health centers and community centers especially in the rural areas is quite poor. Also, they are poorly managed.

Due to this, the community especially the children loose interest in using these public places meant for providing basic education, health facilities and carrying out activities for community development.

Volunteers while working with the community do not hesitate in initiating an endeavor to renovate these places of common interest.

They repair and beautify village day care centers and primary schools by white washing the walls, drawing useful pictures, paintings that help the children and the community in learning in an easy and better way.

Volunteers help in preparing playgrounds and sports facilities, making much needed benches and desks.

In addition to this, volunteers show their interest to help the community they work with, in improving their living conditions by constructing more stable ceilings and walls, leading community awareness initiatives to clean littered garbage, plant trees and place dustbins in and around the villages.

By all these activities, children get motivated to attend the schools and day care centers regularly and community becomes more active in improving their surroundings and living conditions.
Volunteers renovating schoolbuilding
Volunteers participating in building

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