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Volunteers Assisting on Day Care Centers

The Indian name of Day care centers is ‘anganbaris’ that means ‘Courtyard’. The Anganbaris are created by the government as a focal point for delivery of services at the community level including nutritional supplements, vaccines etc to children below six years of age, pregnant and nursing mothers and adolescent girls.

These centers are located within the village or the slum area itself and also serve as the meeting place for women’s groups and mother’s clubs for promoting awareness and joint action for child development and women’s empowerment.

However, these centers are lacking behind in achieving their goals as they are ill equipped, under staffed and poorly managed.

Volunteers can render a helping hand to the anganbari workers by being an additional human resource in the existing set-up.

Volunteers can assist the workers in their daily activities as well as initiate certain new activities for instance, monitoring the growth chart of every child, maintaining health card of every pregnant woman visiting the anganbari.

Volunteer’s activities include:

  • Personal attention and care to the children coming to the center everyday.
  •  Assistance to the local worker for record maintenance for each child based on health, vaccination, growth and nutritional condition.
  • Preparing and feeding the children a nutritious meal everyday with the help of a local worker.
  • Continuous survey of all pregnant women and new born babies in the area for regular health check ups and vaccination.
  • Creating a colorful and enjoyable environment for the children with games, stories and other creative activities (all support and training for such activities would be provided by AVI)
  • Developing the motor skills of the little children by making them to use their body parts in various games etc.
  • Emotional support and counseling.

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