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Volunteering for better education

Due to poor economic condition of the marginalized population of India, majority of their children are often discouraged to attend schools and compelled into a life of labor or caring for their young ones. Some of these children attend the government schools which are under-funded and poorly managed.

Volunteers through community awareness campaigns are able to motivate parents of the children to realize the importance of education and send their children to schools regularly.

Volunteers would assist the teachers in schools in educational enhancement activities for the children from 6-11 years of age specifically in the areas of basic English, Mathematics and enhancing creativity.

Volunteer’s activities include:
  • Regularly teaching the children English and Mathematics in the schools.
  • Creating a playful environment and enhance the creativity of the children through painting, playing games, singing etc.
  •  Working with teachers in creating low cost teaching material and train them in making education more fun for the children.
  •  Each volunteer to take responsibility for everyday attendance of the children with an aim to improve overall interest in the school and reduce drop-out rate.
  • Ensuring regular health check ups of the children in each school in cooperation with the local doctors and hospital staff.
  • Creating basic hygiene awareness amongst children on a regular basis for healthier living.

    Afternoon Activities:
    In addition to the above, AVI offers number of optional activities to our volunteers that would have a wider impact on the community and create a better environment for cross cultural exchange:

  • Conversational English teaching to adolescent girls and grown up women.
  • Basic computer teaching to adolescent girls and grown up women.
  •  Volunteers can take up maintenance, renovation and decoration of the various work places.
  • Local workshops on Indian cooking, Indian dressing, yoga and meditation, henna painting, Hindi language classes are organized at AVI camp.


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