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Local adventures for the volunteers

Professionally designed excursions and round tours enable the volunteers to experience and enjoy the adventures in the best possible manner and carry ever lasting memories from this wonderland.

On weekends AVI offers our volunteers professionally designed local excursions and adventures for example to Jaipur, Mandawa,Bikaner, Nawal Garh, Pushkar and Rantambore

After the volunteer weeks the volunteers can take part in an interesting and affordable round tour package. These round tours, 1 to 3 weeks, with different contents, are designed by a professional, legitimate travel agency, which AVI has good contact with. 

Rajasthan is a vibrant, exotic state where tradition and royal glory meet in a riot of colors against the vast backdrop of sand and desert. It has an unusual diversity in its entire forms - people, customs, culture, costumes, music, manners, dialects, cuisine and landscape.

The land is endowed with invincible forts, magnificent palaces - Havelis, rich culture and heritage, beauty and natural resources. It is a land rich in music, dance, art & crafts and adventure. It’s a state that never ceases to intrigue and enchant. The magic of Rajasthan, this abode of kings, is one of the most exotic places and is unequalled in the world.

So rich is the history of the land that every roadside village has its own tales of valor and sacrifice. Rajasthan provides abundant scope to explore it. 
The panoramic outlook of the state is simply mesmerizing; with lofty hills of the Aravalis - one of the oldest mountain ranges of the world - and the golden sand dunes of the Great Indian Desert - the only desert of the sub-continent. Here you have wonderful sand dunes and lush green forests with its wildlife like tigers, elephants, camels, monkeys, panthers etc.  Rajasthan is often perceived as a huge open-air museum with relics so well preserved for everyone to see.

No other region in the country is a conglomeration of so many paradoxes. A visit to this wonderland will leave a lasting spell on your mind. In fact, one visit is not enough to capture the real essence of this magical state. You will, we assure you, keep coming back for more.

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