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Volunteers make tremendous impact on mentally challenged children

India is holding nearly 1/6th of the world population and a large number of them are living below the poverty level. They have very limited access to the basic education, primary health facilities and employment opportunities.

Unfortunately, there are a number of children in these poor localities whose mental level is not at par with the other children. In real terms, they are mentally challenged up to some extent.

Due to poverty and lack of resources, these children fail to receive due attention of their families and friends.

They do not get adequate support and motivation from the community to have access to basic education and develop their skills to become self reliant.

They are being treated as a big burden for the family and also, for the rest of the world. They do not get due affection, recreation and parental care.

As a result, countless children with special learning needs are not only deprived of basic education and health care but also live an isolated life even in their own house.

Volunteers with their sincere efforts make tremendous impact on mentally challenged children by giving them basic education and skill development tips to improve their quality of life.

Also, Volunteers pay due attention towards the children’s personal behavior, their health, food, care and small needs.

Volunteers with their active participation are able to motivate their parents to send the children to schools regularly.

Also, they motivate the community to be more sympathetic towards these children and support them by giving encouragement and due regards in the society.

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