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More Steps to Take

AVI is now starting to work together with the staff in Banjara Basti´s Day Care Centres. These are the focal points for delivery of services at the community level including nutritional supplements, vaccines etc. to children below six years of age, pregnant and nursing mothers and adolescent girls. These centres also serve as the meeting place for women’s groups and mother’s clubs for promoting awareness for child development, family planning and women’s empowerment. But this is a big and difficult area so here we have a lot to do!

AVI is now going to build facilities for shower and a place where the people of Banjara Basti are able to wash their clothes.

AVI is now trying to motivate the parents and the community to be more sympathetic towards the Mentally Challenged Children. Volunteers can pay due attention towards these children’s personal behaviour, their health, food, care and small needs. We can support these children by giving them basic education and skill development advices to improve their quality of life.

AVI has planned to start workshops for young boys of this community to develop their skills by giving them technical education in the fields of repairing auto rickshaws (tuk-tuks), bicycles, cars, electronic appliances etc.

AVI has also planned to start other kinds of workshops in the areas like painting, pottery, jewellery, carpentry, plumbing etc. – it just depends on the knowledge and skills of the coming volunteers.

AVI plans to build a permanent Health Centre where government nurses as well as volunteer nurses can help the government Doctor to give treatment to the sick people. Also, we can give general information to the people about family planning, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, teach them about HIV/ AIDS and other health related issues.

And - additional steps to take

AVI has planned, in some way, to help the villagers with their water problem. At first, we have to teach them how to handle the drinking water that they collect from the leakages made on the main supply lines. The second step is to help them to be allowed by the government authorities to have their own water taps.

AVI has also talked about how to help them with some kind of simple toilets. Now, the children do their needs in the surroundings while the adult population just use the fields or other less crowded places.

AVI has a plan to open an Old Age Home to support the elderly people of this village who don’t get any support from their families. Here they can have access to television, indoor games and other means of entertainment. Tea and refreshments can also be served to them.

AVI has a long term plan to help the people of this village in constructing small basic houses, because they are not in a position to construct concrete houses due to inadequate sources of income. But, first they must have permission from the Government to build small houses here.
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