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Volunteer by organizing sports activities

India, being one of the most populous countries of the world has a large population of children. Due to lack of motivated, dedicated and trained sports staff, most of the children do not get opportunity to join any kind of sports activity in their life. One of the live examples we can see, even after holding 1/6th of world population, India stands no where in winning medals in the Olympic Games.

This large population of children is in desperate need of volunteer’s assistance as they do not have a structured environment to spend their free time.

Volunteers by designing and organizing various sports activities like- preparing track and field, coaching the local games such as volleyball, football and cricket, organizing sports tournaments among the schools or the local clubs, would be able to create healthy and happy individuals.

Active participation of international volunteers in sports and social development activities would play a meaningful role in motivating children and their parents to realize the importance of sports in their life.

The programme will be divided amongst sports coaching and other valuable community work based on the volunteer’s preference.

This activity certainly benefits the children to develop their health, confidence, inner skills and have fun and excitement.

Also, they are able to learn discipline and team sprit to improve their overall personality.

In turn, the volunteers find an easy approach to socialize with the local people and experience the amazing culture of this wonderland.
Volleyball tournament organized by volunteers
Volunteering in activities for the local children

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