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Steps Already Taken

AVI has a plan to establish a Resource Centre in the village. This centre can serve as a focal point to execute our social development programs for the entire population of this village.

The communities have appointed 10 active persons as representatives of their castes. AVI´s staff often has meetings with this group of representatives to discuss their immediate concerns, issues of common interest and to disseminate our planning and its implementation. Together with this group we have also discussed the way the Resource Centre is going to function in the future.

AVI started a Hindi School in summer 2008 and employed a Hindi teacher who works full time with the community. She teaches basic Hindi, Mathematics and English to the children and organizes community awareness campaigns in the fields of education, health, skill development and family planning. Soon we are going to inform them about HIV/AIDS too.

AVI has opened a Primary School in the village – AVI´s English School. More than 40–45 children in the age group of 5–14 years are attending the school every day to learn basic English; talking, reading, writing and some calculations. AVI participants create a playful environment while enhancing creativity of the children through painting, playing games, singing etc on a regular basis.

When the children have learnt social behaviour, how to behave in classroom, how to be neat and clean – we try to help them to join Government/private Schools in the neighborhood, if their parents allow them to go there! Thanks to the volunteer’s hard work, more than 60 children have been admitted in Government/private Schools so far.

AVI provides brunch to the school children as many of them don’t get any breakfast. We have noticed that the children are able to concentrate more on study after that meal.

AVI does regular health check ups in the school and we often talk with the children about the necessity to be neat and clean. Every morning we start to wash their face and hands before the school begins. We also teach them how to shower, wash the hair and brush the teeth. 

And - more steps already taken

AVI’s staff discusses with the people in Banjara Basti about the bad effects of chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking, gambling etc regularly, especially with the children in our school.

AVI’s staff and the volunteers visit house to house to prepare basic health cards of the children. During this course of action volunteers always talk with the parents about the necessity of good nutritious and healthy food and health care while emphasizing the parents to try to help their children to be neat and clean.

AVI makes the community aware of facilities provided by the local government through Day Care Centers such as giving vaccinations and nutritious supplements to the small children and pregnant women while delivering advices of health care in the communities.

AVI’s staff and the volunteers have been helping the local health care staff in giving vaccinations to the pregnant women and new born babies at Day Care Centres on a regular basis and giving polio drops to the children by visiting house to house.

AVI has started to clean up the surroundings together with the school children. At the same time, we have a lot of discussions with the children why we do that and why we don’t just throw away the papers, rubbish and so on.

AVI has started to develop the children’s skills, knowledge, their body and mind by providing an environment full of organized physical and recreational activities. We want to give the children opportunities to have regular joyful exercises that promote discipline and team spirit. Except in Banjara Basti the volunteers can promote these kinds of activities in an organized way in the government schools, at community centres and in areas where the local people do not have adequate resources to provide these services.

AVI has started tailoring workshops for the adolescent girls and young women of these communities on stitching school bags, local cloths and making toys under able guidance of professionally trained staff.

All the above steps would slowly be able to pave ways of improving living conditions of the people of Banjara Basti.
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