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India is holding 1/6th of the world population and nearly 15 per cent of them do not have proper shelter, basic education and health facilities. They don’t have work and other source of income to meet their two times bread.

Either they go out for begging or throw themselves into the streets to collect garbage, pick the rags, steal some things or fall in the net of drug traffickers for want of money.

A major portion of this kind of people is the children in the age group of 5 to 15 years. They have never been to school.

Generally there life begins from the streets and ends up in the streets. They live a life that is void of love and warmth, safety, protection and parental care.

The government administration is also reluctant towards them. As a result, they are malnourished, often fall sick and without proper medical care, most of them pass away in their fifties.

AVI has intervened in supporting this community in the form of organizing community awareness campaigns and skill development workshops for the grown ups in co operation with the local community organizations (NGOs).

Also, AVI has been involved in providing basic education and health awareness through volunteering.

Active involvement of Volunteers with the community can bring a meaningful change in their life by creating an environment conducive for their holistic development.

Volunteers would give them basic education, health awareness tips, organize medical camps with the co operation of local doctors and the nursing staff, recreation by means of play and fun and above all the love and affection to bring a smile on their faces.

This helps them in developing their skills and knowledge, confidence, self esteem and respect in the society.

Presently, they are a big responsibility on the other communities. But, by becoming a useful instrument and self reliant they can be a big asset to the community and overall the nation and live a dignified life.

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