So, Friends!

It is time for me to say goodbye to this place that has been my home the last three months. It has been a great journey and I’m happy that I’ve spent it here. I am going to miss the kids so much! It is incredible how fast they involve. Thank you to Madan and his family for making this a home and great thanks to Arun that took care of us in Banjara as well as on the camp and on the trips.

Thank you and I will miss you!

Linda Bernhardsson, Sweden


So, it’s time for my goodbye songs to ….BIG THANKS to the family for letting me stay here and see the culture close up. To AVI for doing so much to help the kids in Banjara and letting me be part of t his mind changing experience. To Arun for entertainment both in Kanwar Pura and on weekend trips. To the other volunteers for making my stay so nice and fun. sooooo many thanks and so little time. Loved the food and  Yoga too.  I’m so thankful that this experience was part of my 2013. UNFORGATABLE! As well as all the kids are in Banjara.

Anna Lindstrom,  Sweden


I would like to thank the staff and the volunteers for making my stay here such a pleasant one! You’re all amazing people and I’m glad that we met.

During my six weeks in India I’ve seen, experienced so many new things, some truly great and exhilarating, others painful and heartbreaking. Still I can honestly say that I’ve loved every single minute of it, the good and the bad because it has shaped me and changed me in a way that I didn’t even think was possible and for that I am grateful.

Amelia Mondlane,  Sweden


It’s been wonderful to be part of your family for four weeks. All of you do an amazing job of making me feel welcome and cared about. Thank you for creating such a special Rajasthani experience for me.

Mikhael Blackmore, USA


My 10 weeks here have been wonderful. I have got to know great people, amazing children and a whole new culture. Thank you Madan and the whole AVI staff.  You’re doing a fantastic work.

I will miss India so much and I hope I will be able to come back in the future. Love!!

Evelina Kohlm, Sweden


I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for this experience. The work you carry out here every day is amazing and in my opinion profoundly important. All praise to you! Thank you very much and I hope to see you in the future.

Vide Johansson, Sweden


I am so happy for my time here in India with you. I have really enjoyed it! The kids in school are amazing. I miss them already.  You have to promise to take care of them and to hug them for me. The trips on the weekends have also been great. The stay at your camp has also been very good. Thank you for all the good food. I will miss you.

Sara Ekstrom, Sweden


Thank you for having me here. I did really have an amazing time!! I’ve never felt this comfortable and safe in a country or a place far away from home. This kind of experience has changed me as a person, in a positive manner.

I am very happy that I chose to make m y school project in India. it’s a wonderful country with a lot of nice people. Thanks to Madan the whole AVI staff.

Sandra Romel, Sweden


A very BIG thank you is all I can say. This has been an experience for life. In a few years I will look back at this time here and a BIG smile will cover my face. I’m really glad that I’ve met you guys.

Your friend,

Kajsa Sund, Sweden


Thank you all very much for the amazing time here. I will miss India so much, especially the kids in Banjara but also the camp staff that have done an amazing job to make me as comfortable as possible. I will take all the memories with me to Sweden which are many. Thank you for this amazing trip!

Emelie Hedlund, Sweden


It’s so weird to think of my first day here at the camp and my first week here in Sikar. It seemed like my time here, almost three months, were long and never-ending (in a good way). And now, suddenly, I’m packing my bags and am heading for new experiences. I wonder if anyone will even be comparable to this one.

I have loved and enjoyed every day and hour and minute here. I have always been so happy that I’m here. I would never want to be without it.

Thank you whole AVI for giving me this opportunity to get to know this country, this town, these people, both at the camp, all the volunteers but most of all, all my dear and beloved ones in Banjara Basti. These kids have a special place in my heart from now on!

Thanks to all staff at the camp, and especially to the most hardworking women I’ve met. Thanks for all good food, caring and all great laughs. And, of course, thanks for all you’ve learned us. Keep up the good work! Who knows, maybe I come back?

You are fantastic!

Hanna Lindberg, Sweden


Wow, this was some experience! This is a kind of memory that sticks to you. I’ve learned so much about India, that I wouldn’t have as if I were just travellng in India.

At the beginning in Banjara, it felt kind of helpless, like what difference does it make? But, after a while, when I met kids that haven’t got chance to go to school, I experienced a HUGE difference! I saw the difference that we are making just to be there. I really admire Gunilla & Signhild that they/you are putting so much efforts and heart in this project! The world needs people like you! I had the luck to meet Gunilla and I will never forget that woman. She/you made a hug expression on me. And, the great Madan & his family that makes this possible! What would Sikar be without you? Thanks to Arun for all the laughs that you gave and shared. You are a fair and a lovely man-keep on doing a good job here. Thanks for having place for me!

Marie Meyer, Sweden


Dear AVI, thank you all for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. thank you especially to the family who have been working very hard to feed us and make us comfortable. I am especially grateful for all the wonderful people I was able to meet here.

I wish all the best and lots of  happiness to all of you and luck and success in your endeavour of helping the people of Banjara Basti.

Denise Barnes, Germany


Thank you so much for the time here. I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to meet you and your lovely family and the staff. I’m also very happy got to meet Gunilla.

You are doing a wonderful work with the people of Banjara Basti and I’m thankful I could be a part of it. I will always remember you and my time her and think back on it with joy in my heart. I have a lot of wonderful memories.

Good luck with everything in the future. The people here will always have a special place in my heart. Lots of love!

Caroline Nilsson, Sweden


Thank you so much Madan with family and staff for a pleasant stay at the camp.  You are doing a very good job and I’ll miss you a lot! I have enjoyed every minute spend with the kids in Banjara. It has been a very good experience and I’m very glad I came here!

Lots of love!

Josefin Jorgensen, Sweden


This has been a wonderful experience which I wouldn’t trade for anything. These past four weeks have been really amazing and I’m so happy I was able to come here, see Sikar and Banjara and meet all the kids. I will remember them for the rest of my life. I wish I can come back in a few years and see them again!!
Sofie Bohman, Sweden

Thank you all for taking care of us, for the excellent food, for becoming our friends, for your entertainment. You have made us laugh these entire 4 weeks. All of you will forever have a special place in our hearts and so will the fantastic children of Banjara Basti.

Coming here and being a part of this project has been the best decision we have made this for. We have learnt a lot during orientation as well as from the project. Working with these children has been amazing. They really inspired us and it was very difficult to say good bye and leave them. We have experienced so much in so little time.

Never forget us!!
With Love,

Linnea Londahl, Sweden
Hanna Hesselman, Sweden

My three weeks with AVI have been so good! The staff has been so helpful, encouraging & happy all the time. During my weeks here not a single day has past without me having a blast & a big smile on my face! I’m so thankful that I’ve been given a chance to be a part of something so great as this project. I’ll keep & honor the memories from my time here forever and I always smile when thinking of them.
Thank you!

Petra Hattar, Sweden

Thank you for a really good time I had with AVI. I enjoyed everything- Yoga, Hindi Lessons, Indian Cooking, orientation sessions and Indian dressing at the camp and work with the children in Banjara Basti. Thank you for taking care of me so good. I love you all and will never forget you.

Lena Olsson, Sweden

Thank your very much for a really nice time. Everything has been so great. Some things are very different from home and it’s very interesting to see and listen to stories about India. 8 weeks went quietly. You have a really good project going on and you work very hard. I will go home with a lot of new experience and thoughts about how you can help people.

I hope I will come back one day to see you again. I’m really going to miss you (the AVI staff) and all the children and families in Banara Basti.

See you soon. Love from,

Lotta Sjoblom, Sweden

Having the opportunity to work with AVI is something I’m most thankful for and I appreciate very much. The organization was recommended to me by a friend and I will do the same to my friends. I have the feelings that I really dived deep into India’s culture, and, I know that it was so much more interesting and exiting with the explanations and guidance of the AVI staff. You all really helped me to understand more and more the Indian way of life and its couture. Thank you for teaching me Yoga and Meditation, basic Hindi language that made me more comfortable with the children as well as the community.

Also, my deepest and honest thanks to the hard working ladies running the household, the food was the most wonderful experience.

I look forward to support your cause in the future and hopefully welcome you sometime soon in my house in Germany as well.

Please keep in touch.

Benjamin Habbel, Germany

First, I would like to say THANK YOU very much for a wonderful experience! This journey has been so learning and interesting. I’ll always remember these 8 weeks with happiness, wonderful children, lovely family and the best guides like Sanjeev and Mantu.

India is a special country; which will always have a special place in my heart. To live in Kanwar Pura and work in Banjara Basti with the children is one of the best ways to see and experience lovely India.

The children in Banjara Basti have given me a happy smile everyday I been with them. It is so amazing and I will never forget that. The women made lovely food everyday and Madan has learned me a lot about India. I’m thinking you are doing a wonderful job with AVI and Banjara Basti. Keep on working!

I will never forget and keep you always in my heart.

Josefin Olsson, Sweden


A long time ago a wise man told me that talented human beings reach the top of their evolution when they decide to dedicate their lives to an ideal that is above their own profit, above their ego and they just do that they have to do without telling others how hard it’s their work.

The wise man said that this is the only way to experience real love and real happiness.
I want to thank you for giving me the best example of what once a wise man explained me.

You are all wonderful people. I will miss you and think of you everyday.

Dàlia Gironès, Spain